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Homoeopathy is safe and gentle treatment method which can be used to effectively treat children and adults alike including pregnant and nursing mothers.
There are no adverse side effects or suppression with homeopathy because it simply supports the body’s own attempts to heal itself by following the natural tendencies of the body and not blocking or impeding it in any way. People often seek homeopathic treatment for illnesses and conditions with which they have been diagnosed. Many people choose homeopathy when they suffer from pain or discomfort even when diagnostic tests show no abnormalities. Others come simply because they feel generally unwell or lack energy. The healing effects of homeopathy are practically limitless, and as such, homeopathy is a wonderful treatment option for everyone.

  • Dr Anand's Multispeciality Homoeo Clinic is under direct care of Dr J Anand. This clinic is a certified homoeopathic clinic. Dr.J Anand with an experience of more then 10 years has dedicated himself in developing and popularizing homoeopathy.
  • Dr Anand's Multispeciality Homoeo Clinic symbolizes Dr. J Anand's experience and expertise in treating various acute, chronic, rare and incurable medical conditions. You can access us over phone for any health information 24 hours / 7 days a week. We dispatch the medicines ALL around the world.
  • We are strikingly focused on patient care and their well-being. Our patients are at the core of everything that we do. This is the reason that we have been able to achieve a treatment success rate of over 95%.